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Serafina and the Splintered Heart (Kobo eBook) – Review


The third book in The Serafina Series, Serafina and the Splintered Heart is a young adult novel about mystery and magic. The book is authored by Robert Beatty and follows the story from the previous installments Serafina and the Black Cloak and Serafina and the Twisted Staff. The series has won several awards and draws comparisons with J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

The Story

Serafina and the Splintered Heart starts with the heroine, Serafina, struggling to come out of a coffin she has been buried into! Serafina has a job of fighting a sinister evil force that is threatening to tear her world apart. She is soon about to discover the mystery about herself and the fate that lies ahead.

This third installment follows an entirely different story than the previous ones but has all the twists and thrilling bits that made the whole series a hit. The historical setting of 1899 adds a spooky background to this mystery novel.

Everything about this book, right from its story to its cover design, takes you into a world that is very different from the real one.

The Characters

We particularly want to mention the heroine of the entire series, Serafina. What strength and courage she possesses! She has found a fan in us. We would go back to reading the previous installments just for her.

Her best friend Braeden is someone who makes you feel you, too, are born for achieving greatness like him. For a while, you feel nothing is impossible, indeed, if you work towards it with your full heart.

The villain is hauntingly terrifying. Robert has crafted a villain that is worth being scared of, especially for young readers. The baddie makes the whole adventure and the protagonist’s fight with an evil more convincing.

The Writing

The language of Beatty is lyrical and rich with dialects. This book could also serve as a lesson on writing for kids.


We give 4.5/5 stars to this concluding book in the spectacular series. This is a book for children that appeals to even adults! Unlike the previous books, Serafina and the Splintered Heart is much darker and horrifying. So we cannot say we recommend this book for kids aged 9 to 12, although it is promoted as a book for kids aged 9 years and up worldwide. If your kid is a fan of the series, you might want to read it to him or her and cut the parts you find that might be disturbing for your child.

Tuna Melts My Heart (Kobo eBook) – Review


Have you heard about or rather seen Tuna, the dog who took the internet by storm a few years ago? Tuna Melts My Heart is about him, dedicated to him. Author Courtney Dasher is his owner. She got him when his original owner abandoned Tuna at a farmer’s market in Los Angeles. Here is the review of the cutest book on this planet, Tuna Melts My Heart.

What is it about?

Tuna, Tuna, and Tuna. This book is all about him, his daily routine, as captured and narrated by the author. She has chronicled his life through words and pictures, giving us a detailed insight into the cutie’s day to day activities.

Tuna is as distinct as a dog can ever be. He is a crossbreed dog between Chihuahua and Dachshund. He took to fame as his owner started sharing his endearing and achingly cute photos on social media. The global attention gave way to this book. The author begins the book by providing an introduction about Tuna to the readers. She explains the meaning of his name, which is a cartoon! He is named that because of his resemblance to Montgomery Burns from The Simpsons. Apart from his cartoonish looks, the dog also has unusual teeth and jaw structure that adds to his charming adorability.

The 168 pages book, narrated by the author, is filled with the stories of the dog’s daily routine, right from the time he wakes up till the time he goes to bed. The icing on the cake is the photos of the dogs doing all the activities.

The Author’s Writing Style

The writing of the book is cute, unusual and funny, just like Tuna. The author has gone on to reveal specific non-existing terms and words that she uses to describe things about Tuna. Take for, e.g., Toodlebrain, which she uses to describe Tuna’s distinct personality. Her language and choice of such an unusual mix of words make this book a highly amusing read.


5 endearing stars to this one-of-a-kind book! 1 star goes to the author for her idea and the way she has written it. The remaining to the heart-warming underdog with the overbite. Tuna Melts My Heart is, well, heart-melting. It touches anyone who reads it. This book is recommended for everyone, especially those who have pets and those who have sympathy for abandoned and needy animals.

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