Letters of a Nation: A Collection of Extraordinary American Letters is as unique as it is real. This book, edited by Andrew Carroll, features all the intriguing and charming letters from the American past. This letter book was published in 1998.

What’s it about?

American letters. Both famous and non-famous ones come together in this book. Some letters are written by well-known people, some by people you pass by on the streets. The years of the letters range from 1630 till 1996. This 448 pages Hardcover title has over 200 such letters that take the readers down the history lane of America and its people.

Some of the memorable letters in the book include one by an ensconced governor of Massachusetts to his wife, who is away from him in England. One letter is an emotional letter by an adopted young woman to her yet to be discovered, birth mother. The book also includes the laugh out loud letter written by comedian Groucho Marx to Warner Brothers, chiding them for not allowing him to use the title ‘A Night in Casablanca’ for his production house movie.

Since these are letters written by real people, editor Andrew Carroll made sure he presented them as they are without correcting the misspellings, punctuations, etc. so as not to ruin their originality and realness. He has also added a short introduction about the letters and their history, letting the readers fully understand their context.


We rate it 4/5 stars. For history buffs, this book is nothing less than a treasure. Letters of a Nation: A Collection of Extraordinary American Letters is for history lovers and students of human emotions and bonds.

Letters of a Nation A Collection of Extraordinary American


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