Sweetbitter: A novel - Book Review

Sweetbitter: A novel – Book Review

A Sensory Read with a More Bitter Than Sweet Aftertaste , at first glance, looks like the book foodies will love to indulge in much like their favourite cuisine. But it's more than just attractive...
Wonder La historia de Julián

Wonder: La historia de Julián / The Julian Chapter – Book Review

Thought-Provoking, Emotional and Surprising, All at the Same Time We think there are very few people on this planet who have read Wonder and not fallen in love with it. The story about a boy...
Where Women Are Kings

Where Women Are Kings: A Novel – Book Review

This One Pulls Your Heartstrings! is, simply put, a heavy and disturbing book that stirs the most profound emotions in you with its words and story. About a tragic tale faced by a family,...

Dear Dr. Thompson by Matthew L. Moseley – Book Review


Eric Clapton: Slowhand – Book Review

Coming Soon!

A High Wind in Jamaica by Richard Hughes – Book Review


Bob Marley: The Untold Story – Book Review


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