American Women Regionalists A Norton Anthology

American Women Regionalists: A Norton Anthology – Book Review

Of late, we were thinking, are there any books that chronicle the writings of women through centuries? We all know women writers, even today, are so underrated and overshadowed by their male counterparts. So...

A High Wind in Jamaica by Richard Hughes – Book Review


The Adventures of Polo Series by Regis Faller

The Adventures of Polo Series by Regis Faller Genre: Picture Books - Wordless My Rating: 10/10
The Meursault Investigation A Novel

The Meursault Investigation: A Novel – Book Review

If you have read The Stranger or The Outsider by Albert Camus, becomes almost like a must-read after that. This novel by author Kamel Daoud digs deeper into the story and gives voice...
The Rhino in Right Field

The Rhino in Right Field – eBook Review

is a comic novel aimed at young readers. This novel is written by Stacy DeKeyser. She is also the author of bestselling series The Brixen Witch and One Witch at a Time. Read...
Ghetto Cowboy

Ghetto Cowboy (Hardcover) – Book Review

A Wonderful Tale of Interspecies Friendship is based on an actual incident involving urban black equestrians in North Philadelphia. This is a tale that’s hardly been told. The story is brought alive with beautiful...

Backroads of Paradise: A Journey to Rediscover Old Florida – Book Review

Coming Soon!
Where Women Are Kings

Where Women Are Kings: A Novel – Book Review

This One Pulls Your Heartstrings! is, simply put, a heavy and disturbing book that stirs the most profound emotions in you with its words and story. About a tragic tale faced by a family,...

Manatee Insanity by Craig Pittman – Book Review


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