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Three Little Words: A Memoir – Book Review

Beginning with the cover of the book, I would like to rate 4/5- a dark vibe with a touch of vintage nostalgia. Simple, scary and intriguing. Speaking of the title combined with the book...
A Good American

A Good American – Book Review

A lot has been heard about and we wanted to know what all the hype was about. We picked up this novel by Alex George, a humble story about the American...
Crooked Letter Crooked Letter

Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter – Book Review

is a mystery thriller with melancholic undertones. This 2010 novel by Tom Franklin has gone on to win many hearts and awards, including the CWA Gold Dagger Award for Best Crime Novel of...
The Night Train

The Night Train – Book Review

Martin Amis. If you don't know about this author, let us tell you that he is one of the most popular fiction thriller writers in the West. He has written several novels that have...
When Spring Comes to the DMZ

When Spring Comes to the DMZ – Book Review

The title of the book and its photo cover, both made us want to know more about it, which ended in us reading it. The illustrative novel is by Uk-Bae Lee, even his...
American Women Regionalists A Norton Anthology

American Women Regionalists: A Norton Anthology – Book Review

Of late, we were thinking, are there any books that chronicle the writings of women through centuries? We all know women writers, even today, are so underrated and overshadowed by their male counterparts. So...
Letters of a Nation A Collection of Extraordinary American

Letters of a Nation: A Collection of Extraordinary American

is as unique as it is real. This book, edited by Andrew Carroll, features all the intriguing and charming letters from the American past. This letter book was published in 1998. What's it about? American...
Descent A Novel

Descent: A Novel – Book Review

Mystery and thriller literature are like junk food that we all crave once in a while. seemed like a great book to satiate our craving for a mystery read. There are many things...
The Cat in the Hat Beginner Books(R)

The Cat in the Hat Beginner Books(R) – Book Review

We were in the mood for a book that made us go back to our sweet, innocent childhood. Who better to take you there than Dr. Seuss! And we wanted to go back to...

The Perks of Being a Wallflower – Book Review

Beginning with the cover of the book, I would like to rate 4/5- I don't know why I felt a bit uneasy with the cover- the cover is filled with mixed emotions along with...

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