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10 Books Like Eragon that Will Give all Fantasy Fans Sleepless Nights!


Eragon. The name stirs up excitement, thrill, and adrenaline rush in fans. Have you just finished reading the epic story of a farm boy who discovers dragon egg by chance or rereading it for some 10th time? We urge you to look around, there are plenty of books that will let you experience the same emotions and excitements like the series and with the bonus of a new story! Here are 10 books like Eragon that will make you stay up all night, because you just won’t be able to put these down!

1. The Belgariad Series

The Belgariad Set, Books 1-5: Pawn of Prophecy, Queen of Sorcery, Magician's Gambit, Castle of Wizardry, & Enchanter's End Game The Belgariad Series by David Eddings is one of the most popular fantasy books after Eragon and so it should be your first choice after putting down the Eragon series. Even Christopher Paolini, the author of the Eragon series, loves these books! As revealed by him, all the five books of The Belgariad series have a special place in his bookshelf. David Eddings’s series takes a similar backdrop of a young farm boy who has greater things written in his destiny in a riveting and unputdownable tale. 

2. The Harper Hall Trilogy  

The Harper Hall Trilogy: Dragonsong; Dragonsinger; Dragondrums (Harper Hall of Pern) After reading Eragon, you will undoubtedly want to read more young-kids-met-dragon tales. So here’s one brilliant trilogy penned by the legend of science fiction- Anne McCaffrey. The series feature stories about teenage kids Menolly and Piemur and their adventures to save the world from deadly forces. The story of the Harper Hall trilogy is set within the author’s bestselling Dragonriders of Pern series. This version should appeal more to the younger readers with its less heavy and more fun story. 

3. The Chronicles of Dragon Series

The Chronicles of Dragon Collection (Series 1, Books 1-10) The Chronicles of Dragon by Craig Halloran is a must-have book in every fantasy reader’s bookshelf. The series, featuring total of 10 books, will take you on an epic adventure that you will wish never ends! It is an intense story about the fight between evil characters and the son of the Dragon King- Nath. But Nath is trapped in the human body instead of his own dragon skin, which he must get back while also defeating dragon poachers who are readying to commit murders and enslavements. It is a highly recommended series to start reading right now!

4. The Sword of Shannara Trilogy

The Sword of Shannara Trilogy Shea Ohmsford, a young man has to find the Sword of Shannara, which will help him face and even defeat the evil Warlock Lord.

This stunning series by Terry Brooks will remind you a lot of The Lord of The Rings books. The Sword of Shannara Trilogy is a nail-biting, exciting and enriching and hence will satiate your cravings for a riveting read after Eragon. 

5. Malazan Book of the Fallen series

Steven Erikson 10 Books Collection Set (Vol. 1-10) (The Malazan Book of the Fallen) This 10 book series will make you fall in love with your favourite genre all over again. There are so many things that author Steven Erikson got right in this series. This series brings together fantasy with the history that makes it so much more engaging and a must-read. The characters, most of them nonhuman are the heroes of the story. It is fun, it is exciting and it is extremely well written. Add these to your buy now cart!!

6. The Wheel of Time series

The Complete Wheel of Time Set 1-14 TRADE PAPERBACKS The list featuring books like Eragon is incomplete without mentioning this series by Robert Jordan. This mesmerizing series includes a total of 14 books, which delve into the world of fantasy like no other. The wheel of time will literary transport you, making you feel a part of the highly imaginative tale.

7. The Scorched Series

Scorched (Scorched series) by Mari Mancusi (2014-08-05) This series is very similar to Eragon. A young girl called Trinity Foxx finds a dragon egg and her world is set to change completely. She gets visited by a dragon hunter from the future who warns her of a dragon war about to take place. Trinity must stop the war to save herself from grave danger. Though this three-part series by Mari Mancusi lacks the brilliant imagination of Eragon, it is filled with plenty of action and fire breathing dragons to make you want to pick it up and stop only until you have completed the entire series. 

8. Earthsea Cycle Series

Earthsea Cycle Set ( Books 1- 6 ) This fantasy series is a must-read for fans of Christopher Paolini novels. The Earthsea Cycle includes a total of 6 books that tell the marvelous story of the greatest sorcerer, Sparrowhawk, and his adventures with power, ancient dragons, and even death. This series, penned by Ursula K Le Guin, is one of the most read and loved books in this genre. It has also gone on to win several awards including National Book Award, Pushcart Prize, and six Nebula Awards. Need more reasons to start reading it?

9. Fablehaven Series

Fablehaven Complete Set (Boxed Set): Fablehaven; Rise of the Evening Star; Grip of the Shadow Plague; Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary; Keys to the Demon Prison This 5 book series might be aimed at kids, but adults with an interest in adventurous tales about magical creatures will love it too. This series has a gripping story by author Brandon Mull and illustrations by Brandon Dorman that capture your attention even more at the most important moments. The story is about siblings Seth and Kendra who find out that their grandparents take care of a sanctuary that is meant for magical creatures. 

10. Mistborn Series

Mistborn 6 Books Collection Set by Brandon Sanderson (Final Empire, Well of Ascension, Hero of Ages, Band of Mourning, Alloy of Law & Shadows of Self) Another gem for fans of Eragon is the Mistborn series by the genius Brandon Sanderson. The series featuring total of 6 books takes you on the magical journey of heroes, villains, mystical creatures coming together in an unforgettable and thoroughly enjoyable tale. 

That’s all about tales of dragons and other magical creatures. Never stop your search for the most amazing stories and continue reading!

Three Little Words: A Memoir – Book Review


Beginning with the cover of the book, I would like to rate 4/5- a dark vibe with a touch of vintage nostalgia. Simple, scary and intriguing.

Speaking of the title Three Little Words combined with the book cover, it sounds as if the author is going to cherish the childhood memories but the content is honestly something different and not to be missed. I would rate the title a 3.5/5.

This book is so bonafide and evidently told. An anecdote about a young lady who is pushed into the foster framework (USA) as a little kid and remains there for quite a long time. She and her younger sibling share some of the time together and some of the time-discrete, yet in every case versatilely enduring. So much bitterness and outrage – every one of the individuals who should have known better, ought to have minded. So much gratefulness and warmth for the individuals who cared and had a significant effect.

This book is recommended for any individual who is a parent, planning to be a foster parent, new parent, or on the off chance that you simply care about and need to get a touch of comprehension of the kid welfare framework. I truly read this book straight through and couldn’t put it down! Ashley composes this book in such a way that it offers her story and enables you to go into what her reality resembled and the injury she encountered as a kid and how that affected her musings and choices throughout everyday life.

She conquered difficult chances in an inexplicable manner and went to bat for herself as well as would not quit any pretense of supporting other youngsters and carrying equity to some extremely terrible individuals. The manner in which she portrays the injury makes you need to hop through the pages and meet her and every one of the children that were affected. There are individuals in this world battling for the youngsters who have no voice in this world and Ashley is positively a saint in the book.

It’s elusive words to state how a lot of this story has changed me. Ashley’s recounting her initial life is really striking. Indeed, even as a little child, she had the brain of a smart, solid willed grown-up present in the body of a youngster as she offers observer to the colossally erratic, brutal and troublesome reality into which she and her sibling Luke were thrown in being isolated from their mom. All through, I was awed by her quality, trust, insight, fearlessness, verbal aptitudes and crude hold on the real world. Ashley’s unstoppable soul is stunning. She is an absolute triumph.


I would like to rate this novel, a whopping 5/5 and would recommend it for young adults to understand the complexity of emotions involved.

A Good American – Book Review


A lot has been heard about A Good American and we wanted to know what all the hype was about. We picked up this novel by Alex George, a humble story about the American dream. Find a detailed review of the book below.

What Is It About?

A Good American tells the story of the Meisenheimer family who shifted to America from Germany in 1904. The story takes us back to the time when the family’s first-generation, Frederick and his pregnant, yet-to-become-wife Jette first set foot in the American soil as German immigrants. While Frederick starts to fall in love with America as soon as they enter the country, Jette feels homesick. They soon settle in Beatrice a small farming town in Missouri that is home to many of their fellow German immigrants. Jette gives birth to a son they name Joseph. Then his sister Rosa is born a few years later. Frederick starts the business of bar that thrives. But Frederick and Jette’s relationship (they are now married) is on the brink of falling apart.

Then the news of America entering World War I comes. Frederick enlists to fight in the war. And the irony is, he will be fighting against his own people – the Germans. When Frederick gets killed in the war, the responsibility of running the bar falls on Jette. And she handles it expertly with the help of Lomax, a cornet player. But another tragedy strikes and this time it is Lomax facing it. The restaurant is now run by Joseph and Cora. Cora and Joseph become parents to 4 sons. Since Joseph has inherited his father’s love for music, he is inspired to turn his quartets into a barbershop quartet- a popular style of close harmony singing.

The story then goes on to reveal what challenges the current generation of the family faces in their adoptive land, America. Because there is no end to suffering at the hands of prejudices and injustice when it comes to living in a different land than your own.

The Writing

The compelling and heart touching story is told by James, the second son of Joseph and Cora. His voice telling the story of his ancestors is filled with nostalgia and with a touch of wonderment that comes from telling a story of a time when you weren’t present.

The writing makes you laugh, drop a tear or two and contemplate what it means to truly belong, whether to a country or your own family.


We rate it 4/5. A Good American is an uplifting book. We don’t think there is anyone who will not feel involved in the crisis of the Meisenheimer and compare it with their own.

Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter – Book Review


Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter is a mystery thriller with melancholic undertones. This 2010 novel by Tom Franklin has gone on to win many hearts and awards, including the CWA Gold Dagger Award for Best Crime Novel of The Year.

What is it about?

This story is about two friends- Silas Jones and Larry Ott. Silas is now a traffic cop who was once a basketball player. Larry works as a mechanic. He was banished from the town of Chabot as he was accused of killing the girl he went out on a date with. Though no evidence proved him guilty of the crime, he was shunned by the whole town. The novel starts with Larry. The reader is taken into his life that he lives alone in his parents’ (now his) house in Mississippi.

Then the story goes back in time; what happened 25 years ago. It takes us to the incident that made Larry being held guilty for the murder of the high school girl.

The next chapters explore how Silas and Larry come to know each other and become the best of buddies.

Back to the present, another girl goes missing and Larry again finds himself in the middle of it. Then things turn nastier when Larry gets shot by an unidentified man. He gets saved, thanks to his best friend Silas, the only cop in the town.

The entire book continually oscillates between the past and present. Though the plot of the book sounds highly mysterious, after reading the book, you will be surprised that what it wants to say is entirely different than unraveling a mystery.

The Writing

The spot on and beautiful writing by Tom Franklin is what makes this harrowing story convincing and engaging. It adds soul to the story and despite your best efforts, you find yourself feeling the pain of and sympathy for the characters and their situations.

The Good

  • Incredibly told by the author’s heart-tugging language
  • The story that appears to be a murder mystery but is actually about something else completely

The Bad

  • The book leaves many questions that a reader may encounter unanswered, creating a sense of dissatisfaction at the end.


Go for Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter to enjoy a good piece of literature that stuns and mesmerizes and tugs at your heartstrings from time to time. We rate it 4/5 stars.

The Night Train – Book Review


Martin Amis. If you don’t know about this author, let us tell you that he is one of the most popular fiction thriller writers in the West. He has written several novels that have brought him glory for their ingeniously suspense and chilling stories that tend to haunt you long after you have finished them. We looked forward to reading the author’s Night Train and here is our review of it.

What’s It About?

This crime novel opens with a policewoman, Mike Hoolihan, describing her worklife and taking us straight to the bizarre crime scene she is supposed to be handling. The case is of Jennifer Rockwell, the daughter of a respected police officer. Jennifer was an astrophysicist, the one who studies the space. She was a happy and satisfied soul and yet she was found with three bullets holes in her head. She has apparently shot herself, which research and reports claim to Mike.

But Mike is not leaving out the prospect of murder by suspecting her lover and someone else who knew Jennifer. Is a secret of dark romanticism or possession about to be revealed? Or something else is into play here?

The book is divided into 3 parts and tells the riveting story in just 160 pages. Despite its short length, it is difficult to read this in one sitting. The reason for it is described below.

The Writing

Something is missing from or not right in this book, considering it’s a Martin Amis novel, the master of whodunits. His choice of telling this story through Mike, the policewoman, isn’t entirely appealing. Instead of adding pace to the suspense thriller, it slows it down, making you get annoyed with Mike’s consistent shammy cop talk.

But it’s still Amis writing the story. So there are prose shining with wit and innovation and describes the darkest parts with charm.

The Good

  • Amis’ innovative writing

The Bad

  • The crime story offers nothing new
  • The narrative by Mike tends to take away the attention from the story


We give Night Train 3/5 stars. Night Train is for you if you love Martin Amis’ crime fiction. For readers who have never read Amis before, they should go for other books that are better written with a story that is worth reading all night long, such as London Fields, The Information and Heavy Water.

When Spring Comes to the DMZ – Book Review


The title of the book When Spring Comes to the DMZ and its photo cover, both made us want to know more about it, which ended in us reading it. The illustrative novel is by Uk-Bae Lee, even his name is unusual! Here is the review of the book for you, have a look.

What’s it about?

We were so fascinated and excited by the title, cover and the prospect of reading the story with illustrations that we didn’t bother going through its synopsis. We directly opened the book ad started reading. This book is unlike what we thought of i.e., fun and light. It is a serious book about Korean conflict and war. The book takes the reader through four seasons at the heavily weaponized demilitarized zone in Korea. Adding hope to the war-torn city is the colorful nature blooming in complete contrast with the human sacrifices happening all around.

The quirkiness of this story is it brings the reader face to face with the tension and disturbances created by war without mentioning a word about it! There is no description of the Korean War but of the zone through beautiful illustrations. It gives a glimpse of the entire zone with its long razor fences where no humans are allowed, military performing exercises, loaded tanks, etc. The 2.5-mile-wide, 150-mile-long fence area has attracted a number of animals who roam freely around the place without any inhibitions that bind the humans at the place.

The story is told through poetic language, which is quite endearing. The colorful illustrations, also by the author, offer excellent support to the writing. Through this story author, Uk-Bae Lee, wants to appeal for peace and freedom.


We rate the book 4/5 stars. Though this is a sob story and a little mature for young kids, it is an essential story that needs to be told. And When Spring Comes to the DMZ is the best one to do that with its simple lyrical language and beautiful illustrations. It’s not only a great read for kids but also adults.

American Women Regionalists: A Norton Anthology – Book Review


Of late, we were thinking, are there any books that chronicle the writings of women through centuries? We all know women writers, even today, are so underrated and overshadowed by their male counterparts. So what would it have been for women trying to raise their voices through literature back then?

Our extensive research got us a great number of books on the subject. One of the titles that caught our attention (that came close to what we were looking for) was American Women Regionalists: A Norton Anthology. We thought of giving it a read and….

What’s it about?

This book has a collection of sixty-four stories told by fourteen women writers. The irony of these stories and their writers is they were very popular when they released their works about centuries ago. Today, however, no one even remembers their names! This book aims to educate the current crop of readers to salute these women writers and their works and give them the honor they deserve.

The writers featuring in the book include Sarah Orne Jewett, Tennessean Mary Noailles Murfree, New Englanders Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, Alice Dunbar-Nelson, Sui Sin Far, among others.

Edited by Judith Fetterley and Marjorie Pryse, American Women Regionalists not only introduces us to the wonderful writings by writers from the past but also recreates the journey and tradition of women writers. They have included brief introductions, biographies and headnotes for each writer and their work to give detailed information about them to today’s readers.


5/5 stars. We highly recommend American Women Regionalists: A Norton Anthology to both the young and old readers. It’s worth your time.

Letters of a Nation: A Collection of Extraordinary American


Letters of a Nation: A Collection of Extraordinary American Letters is as unique as it is real. This book, edited by Andrew Carroll, features all the intriguing and charming letters from the American past. This letter book was published in 1998.

What’s it about?

American letters. Both famous and non-famous ones come together in this book. Some letters are written by well-known people, some by people you pass by on the streets. The years of the letters range from 1630 till 1996. This 448 pages Hardcover title has over 200 such letters that take the readers down the history lane of America and its people.

Some of the memorable letters in the book include one by an ensconced governor of Massachusetts to his wife, who is away from him in England. One letter is an emotional letter by an adopted young woman to her yet to be discovered, birth mother. The book also includes the laugh out loud letter written by comedian Groucho Marx to Warner Brothers, chiding them for not allowing him to use the title ‘A Night in Casablanca’ for his production house movie.

Since these are letters written by real people, editor Andrew Carroll made sure he presented them as they are without correcting the misspellings, punctuations, etc. so as not to ruin their originality and realness. He has also added a short introduction about the letters and their history, letting the readers fully understand their context.


We rate it 4/5 stars. For history buffs, this book is nothing less than a treasure. Letters of a Nation: A Collection of Extraordinary American Letters is for history lovers and students of human emotions and bonds.

Descent: A Novel – Book Review


Mystery and thriller literature are like junk food that we all crave once in a while. Descent by Tim Johnston seemed like a great book to satiate our craving for a mystery read. There are many things to like and not like in this book. Here is our review of the novel.

What’s It About?

Descent, meaning moving downwards or falling, is a novel featuring events that cascade into a dark, unbelievable and dangerous pit. The story starts with a family of four, parents and their teenage kids, going on a vacation in Colorado. They were all hoping for a great time together when tragedy strikes.

The 18-year-old daughter, named Caitlin, disappears; she had gone out for a run in the mountainous ranges. Even after months of frantic search, she is to be found nowhere, whether dead or alive. While the mother finally gives in and returns to their home, the father and son remain behind and continue tailing the police investigation and undergoing search on their own to get back Caitlin.

Will Caitlin have the same determination and courage to fight her ill fate and emerge scathed but brave and confident? When and how the father-son duo finds Caitlin, what dark mysteries are revealed at the end remains to be seen in this chilling story.

The Writing

When you search this title on Amazon, Goodreads and other book sites, words that you will continuously come across are ‘an absolute page-turner,’ ‘stay up all night read,’ ‘literary thriller.’ The credit of this goes to the author’s masterful writing style. Tim Johnston’s style of telling this gripping story through lyrical and poetic language works like magic. His characterizations may seem weak, but he makes up for it with his flowing and beautiful writing style and tone.

The Good

  • The hauntingly beautiful and lyrical language is quite unusual for a thriller novel.
  • Heart thudding and pulse-pounding twists and turns.

The Bad

  • The gruesome events and sufferings faced by the characters may make the weak-at-heart flinch and put the heart-racing thriller down.


We rate it 4.5/5 stars. Descent is a brilliant and masterful thrilling story any day, thanks to its unique writing approach. Get your copy today and DO NOT READ IT WHILE TRAVELLING!

The Cat in the Hat Beginner Books(R) – Book Review


We were in the mood for a book that made us go back to our sweet, innocent childhood. Who better to take you there than Dr. Seuss! And we wanted to go back to the very beginning when we had just started reading. So we picked The Cat in the Hat Beginner Books(R), a delightful read for very young kids. This famous book by Dr. Seuss is a must pick for parents and teachers. Read our review to know why.

What’s it About?

Dick and Sally are trapped inside their home. All because the sky has decided to rain and snow like crazy on this day. They cannot go out to play. They have nothing to occupy them at home. So all they do is sit, sit, sit and do nothing.

And then, suddenly, a cat springs out of somewhere, shaking up their boredom and letting them have some fun. This cat is an unusual one. It wears a hat, a bow tie and carries a blue umbrella. The cat’s ideas of fun, making the children crack with laughter and get all cheered up in no time. But there’s one tiny problem, the cat in displaying one its tricks has turned the house upside down!

This cheery and entertaining book is written in Dr. Seuss’s trademark poetic and rhyming style that brings out laughter and excitement in both young and old. The rhymes are accompanied by fun illustrations that only add to the appeal of this book.

3 Reasons to Get This Book for Your Little One:

  • It Helps Your Kid Learn to Read

This book is primarily meant for kids learning to read. It has rhymes with a rhythm and repetitions that enables the kids to understand each word and learn to pronounce it correctly.

  • It Is a Great Read Aloud Book

If your child is not into reading much, you can read it to him or her. The impactful and straightforward poems in the book are more fun and engaging when read aloud to an exciting kid. Also, reading to children helps develop the activities of their brains. It also improves speech skills because the child is likely to repeat what you are reading, or you could ask him or her to do so, making it one of the most looking forward to activities for you and your tiny tot.

  • It Teaches Important Life Lessons

Not just this book, Dr. Seuss’s creations are all filled with crucial life lessons that need to be imbibed into the kids early on. Through the fun stories and illustrations in his books, he helps the young kids inculcate essential life lessons like caring for mother earth, helping those in need, etc.


No less than 5 Stars! We enjoyed reading The Cat in the Hat Beginner Books(R) just like any child learning to read would. This book is a perfect way to keep your kid entertained and indulged when he or she has got nothing significant to do.

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